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Forcing Tests To Run In A Specific Order Using MSTest

By default, MSTest will run all tests in alphabetical order based on their name.

This means, you should be able to know when a test will run in relation to another.

For example, if you prefix your tests with TX...


Using ObjectDumper Breathed New Life Into A Complex System

For a previous article on Testing in Dotnet, I wrote about the package ObjectDumper.Net

I use this for lots of things, but it is great to add to a test to really see what an object looks like.

So it was obvious for me that I...


Querying Console Output In Your Tests

Hello, and welcome to my blog post for December 16th of the C# Advent Calendar 2023.

Organised by Matthew Groves.

I wont tell you about me, but if you are interested, check out my About me page.

Last year in one...