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Recording Video From A Nintendo Switch

My son has decided he would like to have a YouTube channel showing him playing games on his Nintendo Switch.

He sees lots of YouTubers playing games on YouTube, so assumes it is something easily done.

So this is my exploration ( as an awesome parent 😃 ) into how to make that happen.

I have some...


Meeting Timer For Microsoft Teams Zoom Google Meet

As part of a distributed virtual team, I find that meetings are a good chance to form bonds with your colleagues. However this can easily mean that a meeting can spiral out of control and take a lot longer that anticipated. This can be ok, but can also be a huge time sink. I am not going to go into...


My OBS Configuration

Note - I don't do any streaming, neither am I a speaker at events. However I do attend a lot of online virtual events, and have multiple video calls a day, and always try to have my camera active.*


My "Office" is in my bedroom, when I am on a video call, I want some of the bedroom filte...