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Upgrading From IdentityServer Version 2 To IdentityServer Version 4

I have recently needed to upgrade from IdentityServer v2 to IdentityServer v4.

This was relatively painless (upgrade via nuget), but I had these 3 issues:

1 - PublicOrigin is no longer exposed, need to add it manually:

              //Add in PublicOrigin as it has been removed in v4 of Identity...


Docker Compose Scaling Gotcha Part 2

Check out my previous gotchas!

Today I ran this command to scaled from 5 existing services, to 10 copies of service1

            docker compose -f config.env up -d --scale service1=10 service1

What do you think happens?

Well, again, not what I was expecting!

I was expec...


Using ObjectDumper Breathed New Life Into A Complex System

For a previous article on Testing in Dotnet, I wrote about the package ObjectDumper.Net

I use this for lots of things, but it is great to add to a test to really see what an object looks like.

So it was obvious for me that I...


Adding More Disk Space To Azure DevOps Agents

Out of the box, Azure DevOps Agents have very limited disk space in which to manage your source code.

All of these machines have at least 10 GB of free disk space available for your pipelines to run. This free space is consumed when your pipeline checks out source code, downloads packages, pulls...


Filtering A Pcap VoIP Recording To A Specific Call In Wireshark

Open your Pcap file in Wireshark.

On the menu, choose Telephony->VoIP Calls calls

Then find the call you want in the list, and select it. (Look for an INVITE 200 in the Comments section, and a From that has a phone number in it).

Once selected, press `Prepare Filt...


Playing A Captured VoIP Recording Through Wireshark

If you have a Pcap file network capture (generated by Wireshark perhaps) with a SIP or any Voice Over IP (VoIP) call traffic, you can listen to the raw calls within the Wireshark.

Open the pcap file in Wireshark.

On the menu, Choose Telephony->VoIP Calls
![VoIP Call Menu Opt...


Replaying Network Captures

When building any network related software, sometimes you need to capture the network traffic to debug an issue. The tool of choice tends to be Wireshark, which is truly excellent and I have used it for many years debugging TELNET, HTTP, SIP, UDP & RTP traffic.



Dynamically Changing Docker Container Limits

We have limits set on our docker containers to limit things like CPU usage, and memory usage.

These are defined in docker compose configuration YAML files, and are set at runtime.

For instance, this setting sets the CPU to only be 95% of the available CPUs, and limit the Memory to 5000MB



Docker Compose Parallel Gotcha

Time for another Gotcha with Docker.

This time, we kept seeing calls in Azure DevOps to docker compose up that would never complete. It would start some of the services (We have about 40), and then it would just hang.

We have recently upgraded to Docker Compose V2 due to V1 b...


Docker Compose Scaling Gotcha

Today I ran this command:

            docker-compose up -d --scale service1=10

Then ran this command:

            docker-compose up -d --scale anotherservice2=10

What do you think happens?

Well not what I was expecting.

I was expecting service1 to have 10 scaled versions, and `anotherservice...


Testing In Dotnet

Hello, and welcome to my blog post for December 15th of the .NET Advent Calendar 2022.

Organised by Dustin Morris Gorski on Twitter.

I wont tell you about me, but if you are interested, check out my About me page....


Reading UDP Packets With SharpPcap

If you are intending on reading UDP packets in promiscuous mode using SharpPcap, then you need to consider the amount of traffic on the network you are going to intercept.

If you are sweeping up packets on a very busy network (think Voip network), then you wi...


How To Confirm 2 Audio Files Are Identical

The tool Audacity has the capability of telling you if 2 audio files are the same.

Here is the process:

  • Open one of the files.
  • Import the other (via the File menu)
  • Select one of the tracks, by clicking in the box area on the left of one of the tracks (where...


Working With Ffmpeg

I have been working with audio and video files a fair bit recently in my day job. We do video and audio call recording software, so this has allowed me to play around with FFmpeg

I have had to :

  • Create test videos in MP4, & H264
  • Create test audio files in WAV & MP3...