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Testing In Dotnet

Hello, and welcome to my blog post for December 15th of the .NET Advent Calendar 2022.

Organised by Dustin Morris Gorski on Twitter.

I wont tell you about me, but if you are interested, check out my About me page...


Reading UDP Packets With SharpPcap

If you are intending on reading UDP packets in promiscuous mode using SharpPcap, then you need to consider the amount of traffic on the network you are going to intercept.

If you are sweeping up packets on a very busy network (think Voip network), then you w...


How To Confirm 2 Audio Files Are Identical

The tool Audacity has the capability of telling you if 2 audio files are the same.

Here is the process:

  • Open one of the files.
  • Import the other (via the File menu)
  • Select one of the tracks, by clicking in the box area on the left of one of the tracks (where...


Working With Ffmpeg

I have been working with audio and video files a fair bit recently in my day job. We do video and audio call recording software, so this has allowed me to play around with FFmpeg

I have had to :

  • Create test videos in MP4, & H264
  • Create test audio files in WAV & MP3