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Make A Wireshark Capture File More Focussed

Wireshark capture files can be massive. So you may want to remove all the unnecessary data from the file before further analysis.

This can be done via the UI, but it is easier to do it via the command line.

Run the following tshark command, f...


Filtering A Pcap VoIP Recording To A Specific Call In Wireshark

Open your Pcap file in Wireshark.

On the menu, choose Telephony->VoIP Calls calls

Then find the call you want in the list, and select it. (Look for an INVITE 200 in the Comments section, and a From that has a phone number in it).

Once selected, press `Prepare Filt...


Playing A Captured VoIP Recording Through Wireshark

If you have a Pcap file network capture (generated by Wireshark perhaps) with a SIP or any Voice Over IP (VoIP) call traffic, you can listen to the raw calls within the Wireshark.

Open the pcap file in Wireshark.

On the menu, Choose Telephony->VoIP Calls
![VoIP Call Menu Opt...


Replaying Network Captures

When building any network related software, sometimes you need to capture the network traffic to debug an issue. The tool of choice tends to be Wireshark, which is truly excellent and I have used it for many years debugging TELNET, HTTP, SIP, UDP & RTP traffic.



Reading UDP Packets With SharpPcap

If you are intending on reading UDP packets in promiscuous mode using SharpPcap, then you need to consider the amount of traffic on the network you are going to intercept.

If you are sweeping up packets on a very busy network (think Voip network), then you wi...