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Ghost Calls In A Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording Bot


This is one of many posts in a series on Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording .

So the scenario here is that when your Compliance Recording Policy for your Teams User is activated, your Compliance Recording Bot gets notified.
But at the bot, the call is immediately failed, and a new one is created.
The user sees nothing unusual.

I call these Ghost Calls.

I don't fully know why these happen, but looking at the logs of my own bot, it looks to be that if the Bot does not respond to the call with an answer quick enough (seems to be around 3 seconds - total time from MSTeams sending the call notification to the Bot, and Answer being received from the Bot back to them), then Teams will terminate the Call and create another one.

You see this the most on local instances of the Bot when debugging, and I believe it is down to Cold start time of the Bot SDK.

Latency between the location of the Teams Server sending the call and the Bot will also factor into this, so make sure you are hosting your Bot close to where the MS Teams call is likely to originate.

The information I have seen from the relevant parties, suggest these are the desired Azure locations for your hosted Bot.

Location of your User Expected Locations of your Bot
Asia Japan East, Asia Southeast
Europe / Middle East / Africa Europe North / West / France
North America United States West/East /East2 / South Central
Australia Australia East

I suppose for a local environment, using something like ngrok means that location is going to be unknown and would explain the Ghost calls prevalence in that setup.

Just a thought.

Thank you for your time.

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