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This Service Descriptor Is Keyed Your Service Provider May Not Support Keyed Services

I just came across this error without any code changes.

            System.InvalidOperationException   HResult=0x80131509   Message=This service descriptor is keyed. Your service provider may not support keyed services.   Source=Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions   StackTrace:...


Make A Wireshark Capture File More Focussed

Wireshark capture files can be massive. So you may want to remove all the unnecessary data from the file before further analysis.

This can be done via the UI, but it is easier to do it via the command line.

Run the following tshark command, f...


Forcing Tests To Run In A Specific Order Using MSTest

By default, MSTest will run all tests in alphabetical order based on their name.

This means, you should be able to know when a test will run in relation to another.

For example, if you prefix your tests with TX...


Upgrading From IdentityServer Version 2 To IdentityServer Version 4

I have recently needed to upgrade from IdentityServer v2 to IdentityServer v4.

This was relatively painless (upgrade via nuget), but I had these 3 issues:

1 - PublicOrigin is no longer exposed, need to add it manually:

              //Add in PublicOrigin as it has been removed in v4 of Identity...


Docker Compose Scaling Gotcha Part 2

Check out my previous gotchas!

Today I ran this command to scaled from 5 existing services, to 10 copies of service1

            docker compose -f config.env up -d --scale service1=10 service1

What do you think happens?

Well, again, not what I was expecting!

I was expec...


Using ObjectDumper Breathed New Life Into A Complex System

For a previous article on Testing in Dotnet, I wrote about the package ObjectDumper.Net

I use this for lots of things, but it is great to add to a test to really see what an object looks like.

So it was obvious for me that I...


How To Prepare For The First Day Of A New Starter

When someone is joining the company for the first time, there is a lot of preparation required to bring them onboard and make them feel a part of the company and the team.

I have joined companies in the past where I have turned up and had to:

  • Clear out the previous occupants desk
  • Find a comput...


My Thoughts On Using GitHub CoPilot

Recently I enabled GitHub Co-Pilot in Visual Studio.

This was following a talk about AI with Silicon South.

I have heard loads about it, but had no...


50 Ways To Retain An Employee

My friend Hira suggested I write a post detailing 50 ways to retain an employee. This is all I have right now:

  • Give them expensive lego sets every month
  • Free Krispy Kreme Donuts on Friday
  • Give them expensive lego sets every month
  • Free Krispy Kreme Donuts on Friday
  • Give them expensive lego...


Recording Video From A Nintendo Switch

My son has decided he would like to have a YouTube channel showing him playing games on his Nintendo Switch.

He sees lots of YouTubers playing games on YouTube, so assumes it is something easily done.

So this is my exploration ( as an awesome parent 😃 ) into how to make that happen.

I have some...